President’s Message: November 2017

by Dr. Daniel C. Warren, President

Another page on the calendar, and it’s well into 2017 already – certainly a year once thought of only in science fiction, but now here in reality. This August we will as usual meet with the American Philatelic Society at StampShow, this time in Richmond, VA. Many of our Congress members are also active in other philatelic organizations, and so we usually get a good turnout for the meeting. Our Wine and Cheese reception is also a highlight of StampShow. More information will be made available in due course.

The digitization of past Congress Books is now completed. We will need to decide whether to offer them as a DVD, and how to make them accessible on the internet. This will be an important subject for the next meeting. In keeping with our earlier decisions, the most recent five years will not be included.

Our web site has not been updated for a number of years, and we urgently need an experienced volunteer webmaster to keep us up to date here in the 21st century. If there is someone who has the interest, the time, and the knowledge to manage our web site, please let me know.

Like just about every other philatelic organization, we depend on volunteers to do the various necessary jobs, and I want to thank our new Secretary-Treasurer Chuck Wooster for taking that one on. Our previous Secretary-Treasurer Ross Towle relinquished the role last August after nearly two decades of service to the Congress, an admirable if not enviable record. As he has for a number of years, our Editor, Ken Trettin, continues to produce an outstanding volume each year in keeping with the long tradition of the Congress, and I know that Ken wants to turn the Editorship over before too very much longer. He will be hard to replace.

Have a great 2017, and I hope to see as many of you as possible at StampShow.

2017 DUES

If the address label on this mailing has a 2016 on it and there is a dues notice inside the envelope, it means that we have not received your renewal for 2017. Please take the time to send your payment in the enclosed envelope.


The following individuals have been nominated to serve in the Council Class of 2020;

  • Mrs. Nancy Clark
  • Mr. David Eeles
  • Dr. Yamil H. Kouri, Jr.
  • Mr. Paul J. Phillips
  • Mr. Charles Verge
  • Mr. Steven Zwillinger

You will note that this is the same slate as the outgoing Council Class of 2017, as no one else expressed interest in serving in this capacity. If in the future, any member desires to be nominated to the next Council Class, please let one of the officers of the APC know of your desire.