President’s Message: January 2019

by Nancy B. Clark, President

We had a successful meeting in Columbus, with more attendees to the presentations than I had seen in recent years. Hopefully this will repeat itself for our upcoming meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our Editor, Ken Trettin, is hard at work shaping articles for the 2019 Congress Book, but I know he’s always looking for more high-quality original research articles.

This fall, our Secretary-Treasurer Chuck Wooster took the time to make our digitized files of the past Congress Books searchable—a big advantage.

There are website updates being worked on by Henry Marquez and Chuck Wooster. We want to add a members only section to the site, and would like your input as to what you would find useful there.

2019 DUES

Enclosed with this mailing is a dues notice inside the envelope. Please take the time to send your payment in the enclosed envelope. If you elect to pay by PayPal, please select the “Send Money” option to avoid PayPal fees.


The responsibilities of a member of the Council include writing articles for the Congress Book, or recruiting others to do so, participating in the annual Council meeting at the APS StampShow in August, and other tasks for which you volunteer or consent to be co-opted. If you would be interested in being a candidate, please email or mail Chuck Wooster of your interest and include a brief (one paragraph) philatelic biography (email and address in the sidebar on the front page of this newsletter).


Two years ago we switched printers and reduced the cost of printing the Congress Book by approximately 40%. This ended several years of deficits and allowed the APC to essentially breakeven these past two years. As a result we have been able to avoid raising our annual dues. However, this has also been made possible by member donations in excess of the minimum dues. In each of the last two years donations have exceeded $2,200. Please consider making an additional donation when renewing your membership this year.